Review Policy

What books do I review?

If you are an author, publisher, or publicist who would like me to review your book, I accept a variety of genres for review including literary fiction, women’s fiction, memoir, and non fiction. You can contact me at:

I accept finished copies (not work in progress). I prefer physical copies of books.

I will always try my best to write genuine review, whether it be negative or positive, I will always give my honest opinion on the book and will read the book within a month from the moment I have received a copy (after I have approved that I will read and review it). If I haven’t done so, feel free to send me a reminder email.

Keep in mind that I won’t accept all requests, I will go through the requests I have received and, if I won’t be interested in your book, I will decline your request. I’ll try my best to reply to the request I’m declining, but, if I don’t, please consider it a ‘no’. I might still contact you later about the book, in case I was too busy and have found a moment to read the title.

How to request?

When requesting, please include in your email, release date, summary of the story, format of the book you would be sending, time frame for the review and ISBN. Do not include the book itself and note that you can expect a review only if you have received a clear approval from my side.

Thank you for being considerate and reading my policy before sending me a book!